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Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

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A Fishing Rod Holder That Virtually Fishes For You

You No Longer Have To Stay Stationary Waiting For A Bite

Bank Fishing

This Holder Sets Hook And Alerts You To A Bite!

Never Before Has It Been So Easy To Fish. Fish Bite Automatically Triggers The Rod Holder Alerting You To Hooked Fish!

Fishing Rod Holder With Spring-Loaded Tip-Up Action Sets Your Hook Automatically. 

Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

Line Trigger Activates Tip-Up Only When Fish Hits The Hook – No Misfires

✔️High Impact Resistant Construction More Stable. Prism Construction Easy To Plug Into The Soil & Stable Will Not Spin. Can Withstand Maximum Tension Of 110Lbs

✔️Built-In Ground Stakes Requires No Tools. You Can Put Your Hand Directly On The Plate And Drive It Into The Soil.

    Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

    ✔️Never Rusty Anti-Corrosion This Fishing Rod Holder Is Totally Made Of High-Quality Stainless Steel

      Automatic Fishing Rod Holder


      1. Pull the handle down

      2. Get screw into the card slot

      3. Insert in the ground, put in the rod on rack(already thrown),pull down the handle till locked.

      4. Tighten the fishing line on the trigger, sensitivity according to the position you hanging.

      5. Waiting for a bite.

      WARNING: When using, try your best to avoid any parts of the body touching the triangle area.

      Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

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