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Ceramic Wall Space Heater

Ceramic Wall Space Heater

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Is Working At Your Office Like Being Stuck Inside Of The Freezer? Are You Tired Of Layering Up In Order To Work At Your Desk?

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Take your own personal heater wherever you go and stay warm this winter no matter where you are!

Cordless, Compact and Portable Warmth in Any Room!

Fast Heat When You Need It Plug our personal wall heater directly into an outlet, and turn it on. Great for a small spaces or rooms in winter.

Programmable 12-hour timer, auto Shut-Off Timer with Safe-to-the-Touch Housing.

Adjustable Thermostat Our heater has a digital thermometer that adjusts from 60-90 degrees, and two speed settings to circulate air and cover up to 250 square feet.

Cost-efficient Save money when the Cozy Compact Heater warms up living spaces instead of having to turn up the dial on the thermostat.

Compact And Great For Travel!

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