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Voice Activated LED Mask

Voice Activated LED Mask

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Are You Bored With Regular? Want A Mask That Stands Out? Look No Further!


This Interactive Mask Works With The Sound Of Your Voice

A Sure Conversation Start No Matter Where You Are.




✅Built-In Filter Slot Makes This Mask Not Only Unique And Fashionable But Safe As Well.

✅Mask Can Be Washed, Reused And Filter Can Be Replaced To Provide Effective Protection.

 LED Face Mask Imitates Lips Speaking Light Up Face Mask image 2

🚫No Messy Cords & Wires

Adjustable Elastic Ear Loop For Comfort

Voice Recognition Instructions:
Hello! (smile)
How are you doing (smile)
Yes! (√)
NO! (X)
Bye bye! (Shut up)
Well! (...) scroll
Good night! (moon)
Good morning! (sun)
Good afternoon! (Sun)
Hey man! (The blue man)
Hey girl! (Purple villain-)
Hey dude! (The blue man)
What's up! (!!!)
Happy Halloween (pumpkin)
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year (Fireworks)

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