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UV Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush Holder

UV Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush Holder

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  • ➤【360 °Sterilization and Continuous bacteriologist】The UV toothbrush sanitizer is given you and your loved ones a clean toothbrush and peace of mind every day. A photo-catalyst is sprayed into the antioxidants of a toothbrush and is activated by violet light as a continuous antimicrobial substance.
  • ➤【Human Infrared Sensor】The cleaning system can be activated by more accurate and sensitive body induction.When user get close, the photocatalyst begins to clean;when user leaves, the UV light begins to clean.This design can effectively avoid the hurts to user caused by UV light.

  • ➤【Multiple Storage Rack】The Toothpaste holder can clean 4 toothbrushes at the same time, and there are some storage slots and 1 toothpaste location in its back part.Other small objects can also be stored for you, such as dental floss and mouthwash.

  • ➤【Toothpaste Dispenser】Built-in toothpaste adapter, the air sac is made of food-grade silica gel which is safe.It is suitable for any size of toothpaste,the fix hole design on the squeezer can help user get the toothpaste easily and properly.

  • ➤【Recharging by Light Energy】By using the amorphous silicon thin-film solar panel with golden lines and large capacity lithium-ion battery.It is can be effectively recharged by any light (including indoor light and nature light),can work for more than four months and even longer after full recharging.


  1. Material:ABS+PP+ electronic components
  2. Working Temperature: 0 to 40 Celsius
  3. Working Humidity: 30-90%RH
  4. Rated Working Voltage: DC 3.7 V
  5. Rated Working Current: 600 m A
  6. Standby Current: 1 M A
  7. UV Lamp Power: 1.2 W
  8. DC Charging Current: 600 m A
  9. Lithium Battery Capacity: 2000 m Ah(Included)
  10. Power mode: USB / Solar
  11. Color: white,black
  12. Size:19 cm x 12.5 cm x 4.7 cm

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