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Unisex Heated Thermal Vest

Unisex Heated Thermal Vest

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Not Your Ordinary Vest!


Waterproof, Windproof Vest with 9 Heating Areas 

Designed for heating areas of the upper body most prone to discomfort due to cold climate including your neck

Promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, and provides heat for your whole body starting from your core. 

Suitable for outdoor activities, such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, mountaineering, and camping.

Long-lasting Warmth;  one charge can last up to 8 working days


Adjustable One-button Smart Heating; 3-level temperature control,  making appropriate choices in different scenarios( office, skiing, biking, etc. )  you can choose the heating level according to your needs

Mobile USB Charger; can charge your devices using your vest, vest is also compatible with most portable chargers/ mobile power sources on the market.

Soft and Comfortable Shell: The heating vest is made of lightweight soft shell fabric and can be machine-washed/hand-washed to protect the USB cable from abrasion.

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