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UFO Hand Drone

UFO Hand Drone

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Half drone. Half fidget-spinner. 100% AMAZING! 🙀🛸

Throw to fly The flying fidget spinner uses advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, inductive suspension and collision protection. You just need to gently throw it in the air, then it will fly immediately. Super cool and super fun to use!



Team Fun It is even more fun with friends. Team up, create games and enjoy friendly competition. It’s the perfect way to relax, have fun or encourage teamwork at the office. Take a break, spark your creativity and refresh with it.


LED light The design will emit bright shining and colorful light when it is flying, It is really cool at night! Flying Spinner is the perfect present for your friends and family. Grab yours today and share the joy with your loved ones!

Fun and Safe The enclosed wheel design is aerodynamic and protects your hands while spinning it up and performing tricks. Catching it mid-air or on the go is easy and 100% safe. Power it up by Micro USB cable for 15 minutes to get fully charged, and a single charge will give you a full 10 minutes of tricked out flight time.


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