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Survival Telsa Lighter

Survival Telsa Lighter

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This state-of-the-art “Dual Arc” outdoor lighter:

•  Produces NO Flames!

• Makes NO Smoke!

• Uses NO Fuel!

USB Charged 


Survival Lighter - Dave's Deal Depot

 Works When Wet!

• Is 100% Windproof!

Survival Lighter - Dave's Deal Depot

Because it uses no fuel and runs entirely on pre-charged electricity, the Tough Tesla “Dual Arc” lighter lasts a very long time. Not to mention the tough, military-grade exterior & rubberized plastic make it nearly indestructible so it'll withstand tons of abuse.1 single charge lasts for hundreds of lights.

The convenient lanyard also works as “para tinder” if there’s nothing around you to light. You simply cut off a small piece of cord, and PRESTO! You have instant tinder for instant flames!


Great for camping and hiking!

  •  Waterproof 
  • USB Rechargeable

Material: Zinc Alloy
Usage: TORCH
Model Number: 21024683
Style: electronic
Type: Pocket, Multi Tools

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