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Pump Wedge Auto Entry Tool

Pump Wedge Auto Entry Tool

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You Never Know When You'll Need One, Be Safe Not Sorry😌

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This Professional Locksmith Tool Allows You To Access The Interior In ANY Lock-Out Situation


Pump Wedge can be used to slide into the car window in order to make a space, so hook can insert into the window and unlock your vehicle



Strong Load Bearing Capacity The air wedge pump inflates for loads up to 440 lbs. You can use it for door and window installation, furniture loading and unloading, vehicle repair, home renovation and more. If you are lifting, moving, leveling, plumbing or aligning heavy objects.

One-Hand Operation The precision bleed valve button allows for simple one-handed adjustments and deflation.Full-size installations with just a single installer, saving time and labor costs. Using simple squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve lets you raise and lower to perfect alignments.

Durable Material Our Pump Wedge Tool is made of fiber-reinforced material that is durable enough to be used time and time again.Double side TPU pouring design to resist greater strain with higher abrasion performance.NOTE: DO NOT OVER INFLATE to avoid any damage to the bag or valve.

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