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Travel Laundry Washer

Travel Laundry Washer

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Want A Easier Way To Keep Your Clothes Clean On Business Trips?

 Portable Washing Machine

Our Travel Laundry Washer takes the hassle and strain out of everyday chores such as washing your clothes and dishes!

Portable Washing Machine

Rinse And Wash With Ease

Our portable washing machine allows you to wash your clothes as well as clean the dishes easily.

 Small And Compact Design 

Our portable washer takes up little to no space. It can easily fit in all types of sinks and buckets. Perfect for traveling!

 Stain-Removing Emulsification 

Our 2-In-1 washer has 4 cleaning modes: cleaning, high-frequency, vibration, and cavitation! Each mode is designed for different uses with multiple strengths.

 Oxidation Bubbles 

High-pressure water creates thousands of bubbles to burst into the water, which can easily clean dishes or clothes!

 How It Works

The sonic sterilization produces micro pressure bubbles to generate waves, causing stubborn dirt to disappear!

Water & Energy Saving

The Travel Laundry Washer not only saves a third of the water but also converse energy!

Versatile Cleaning 

Our Travel Laundry Washer effectively cleans your clothes, the dishes, pesticides, and bacteria on all fruits and vegetables!
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