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Portable Steering Wheel Table

Portable Steering Wheel Table

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Waiting in your car is a hard thing to do especially if you need that time to do something important like working and eating.

 With The Portable Steering Wheel Table, you can now use your laptop and get work done while waiting for someone or eat a snack or lunch  just moments after it arrives through the  window

Constructed with cup holders for eating and a flat surface for working. It’s the most convenient and practical tray with multifunctional uses. Waiting in your car is not an issue anymore.
Why Portable Steering Wheel Table Is For You:

Portable Steering Wheel Table design to be mounted on the steering wheel. This portable car tray is used as a food tray and a laptop table providing your car with a convenient place to eat and work.
This Portable Steering Wheel Table is ideal for car travel, especially with family and colleagues. and its easily store in the back seat pocket while not in use.
Portable Steering Wheel Table is made of premium quality heat resistant ABS material to ensure durability that will surely last long.
Simply hook the Portable Steering Wheel Table to your steering wheel. just remember to rotate your steering wheel by 180 degrees if in case it doesn't fit.
Portable Steering Wheel Table is compatible with any steering wheel and will benefit most, Sales Rep, Law enforcers, Tour Drivers, News Van, Mobile Patrols, Production Crews, and many more jobs related on-field.
This Portable Steering Wheel Table makes it more comfortable to work and eat on the road, a perfect gift for your family and colleagues!

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