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Camp Safe Perimeter Trip Alarm™

Camp Safe Perimeter Trip Alarm™

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Tactically sets a boundary around the region, which can sound off between 125 dB to 175 dB, instantly alerting you to someone or something's presence.


Our Camp Safe Perimeter Trip Alarm is built for outdoor safety at campsites, farms, homes, and more!

Made of military grade aluminum It is durable, wear-resistant and weather-resistant for long-term use.

Mount the Camp Safe Alarm firmly to stationary surface. Wire, string or nails work great for mounting. Tie trip wire to trigger pin and secure across the trespassing line

Loading Signaling Device into alarm

Load signaling device (can use, flash bangs, flares, bear deterrents, etc. depending on the situation





Ball support Keeps any signaling device you use tight so it doesn’t fall out when sitting in the environment for long periods of time

Color: Military Green
Specification: Military Green A-style Set
Specification: 7.6 * 2.5 * 2.5cm, packaged in a separate paper box, with a unit weight of 120g,
Material: Aluminum alloy

Packing list:

Alarm * 1pcs

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