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Memory Foam Couple Pillow

Memory Foam Couple Pillow

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Does Your Partner Love To Cuddle? Now You Can Cuddle Your Person Without Losing Feeling In Your Arm!

Designed to prevent pressure, numbness, and pain while resting on your arm. You can also use the pillow for your own comfort if you are a side sleeper and have the habit of sleeping with your head over your arm.



Ideal for Napping on Desks. When you have had a long day at work and you still need to cover some extra hours, this pillow will be your ideal partner. You can take a quick power nap on your desk by resting your head on the pillow and place your arms underneath the gap. This way you will not be putting any pressure on your hands and will be able to rest your eyes for a good few minutes.


Premium Quality Material: It has been ideally created with memory foam that molds to the shape of your body and comes back to its original place when not being used. Also, the cover is created from premium grade polyester to give a soft and light surface feel.







Brand Name: Urijk
Use: Decorative
Use: Body
Use: Travel
Use: Bedding

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