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Marble Series Nail Foils

Marble Series Nail Foils

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Do you want to achieve Instagram worthy nails in the comfort of your home? 😍Now you can with our Marble Series Nail Foils, an easy way to add marble or natural stone accents to your nail designs. 

These new nail arts look fabulous! Making nail art can be surprisingly easy

Marble Series Nail Foils creates a look distinctly unique from anything on the market. No skill is required.

Marble Series Nail Foils

Simply choose the pattern you prefer and apply it to your nail. 

It's as easy as pressing the foil on the nail and you’re done. Unlike others, Marble Series Nail Foils lasts much longer.

With endless varieties of beautiful patterns, you don’t need to be a nail tech to create unique nail art, just a roll of Marble Series Nail Foils!

Why Marble Series Nail Foils is for you

Distinct look in seconds- No painting or practice is required! Just put the foil on your nail and wa'lah mesmerizing results in seconds.

Endless unique choices-

Marble Series Nail Foils offers various patterns for you to choose from. Get a distinct look on each nail!

Lasting longer than any competitor- Stickers with topcoats wear off quickly compared to nail foils. Marble Series Nail Foils keeps your nail looking great no matter what.

Marble Series Nail Foils is the ultimate choice- Achieve the distinct look you’ve been searching for! Creating stunning nail art can be done even by the most inexperienced rookie.


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