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Whack A Mole Styled Interactive Cat Toy

Whack A Mole Styled Interactive Cat Toy

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Do you find yourself buying a variety of toys to engage your fur baby only to find them uninterested within a day or two?

 We have a solution for you. 


 Introducing the "Whack A Mole Styled Interactive Cat Toy"

✔️Won’t be lazy to play with this toy. It is super attractive to them and keep pets from becoming bored. Let your cat exercise and keep healthy.


This great value toy is deceptively simple & proves irresistible to cats, designed to keep cats from becoming bored.  

Cats being natural hunters have urges and instincts that have to be satisfied everyday in order to maintain emotional wellbeing.

Make this interactive toy apart of your daily routine!

After about 1 week and you will notice massive differences in the behavior, the relationship you have with your cat and the overall health of your cat!😻

👍Provides exercise and stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts!

"My cat hates literally everything I buy her, except this toy"

Not Sold In Stores

✔️Encourages exercise and gives your cat a way to release energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys.

✔️Your cats' natural curiosity will have them playing with this toy often.

✔️Hitting different levers will make different cartoon figures appear, gives your cat an unexpected surprise.

✔️Bond Forming; When you are playing together, helps familiarize you and your cat.








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