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Holographic Luminous Reflective Basketball

Holographic Luminous Reflective Basketball

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Be the first to show all your friends the coolest basketball they have ever seen!

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Posting eye-catching basketball highlights on social media has just gotten easier! 

Our holographic luminous reflective basketball uses never-before-seen reflective leather technology.

No Battery Required Our basketballs are very bright and does not need LEDs to light up. Just place it in the sun, bathroom heater, or other strong light sources, and the basketball glowing in the dark will glow.

Afterglow This personality basketball will shine with bright green light during the continuous exposure time.  Perfect for night basketball games, basketball glows in the dark for more than 3 hours. The maximum time for fluorescent basketball depends on light intensity and radiation time.

    Suitable For Outdoor/Indoor Games Can withstand rough street games. For lovers of streetball. Made of abrasion-resistant material, the wide groove design provides excellent grip and soft and comfortable touch.

    • Made with composite hygroscopic leather for optimal grip and feel

    • 100% nylon windings for excellent shape retention

    • Rubber bladder for maximum air and increased shape retention

    • Great for indoor and outdoor play

    • Ideal streetball

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