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Heavy Duty Tennis Rebound Trainer

Heavy Duty Tennis Rebound Trainer

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Become a better tennis player everyday without the need of a training partner, ball machine, wall, or the hassle of chasing balls.  

 Perfect for beginners!

Portable Self Training Tennis Trainer




Improve your footwork, fundamentals, athletic ability, stamina, control, and tennis skills


Put in work!


 Sparring Device



 Improve your footwork, athletic ability, accuracy,stamina, control, and tennis skills

A great device to practice your strokes, develop a faster swing, speed, or simply just warm up.  

Practice at tennis courts, basketball courts, driveways, garages, basements or gyms. Convenient, lightweight and portable. Very easy to use!


Brand Name: CROSSWAY
Weight (g): 54.7-57.5g
Model Number: BD0079
Rebounce: 2.54m
Diameter (mm): 63.5-66.7mm
Packaging: Single Package
Category: Training Ball

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