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H2O Water Bottle W/ Fruit Infuser

H2O Water Bottle W/ Fruit Infuser

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 The H2O Water Bottle W/ Fruit Infuser will always keep you hydrated in a delicious way A GREAT WAY TO ALKALINE YOUR WATER!🥰

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✔️A great addition for fitness and outdoor activities!

✔️You can make your own infused water and enjoy a delicious flavored beverage without any of the added sugars,artificial colors or any other additives



 ✔️Just fill the infuser with your favorite fruits, mint, cucumber, ginger & twist the infuser back onto the bottle NOW YOU'RE GOOD TO GO! 


✔️The H2O Water Bottle W/ Fruit Infuser is lightweight and easy to carry around with it's ACTIV carrying strap 

✔️Eco-friendly, FDA approved food grade silicone plastic


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