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FunTime Kid's Bath Showering Toy

FunTime Kid's Bath Showering Toy

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Let Your Little One Experience The Cleanse & Serenity Of A Warm Shower


This cute shower toy will keep your little one distracted as you wash them while the gentle stream cleans them easily without frightening or hurting their little heads.

FunTime Kid's Bath Showering Toy installment is a breeze and fits on any shower. 

Why this Showering Toy is for you 


Wind Down In Peace Bath time no longer has to be a struggle, show your child how fun and enjoyable showering can be.

Clean Happy Child Rowdy kids can turn bath time into a nightmare if you are not prepared! FunTime Kid's Bath Showering Toy can help you make every showering experience easy and enjoyable!

Versatile Can be used for bath time play, and our Koala showers are gentle enough for cleaning babies. 

Our FunTime Kid's Bath Showering Toy is the ultimate choice. Gentle, safe, and entertaining, our Kid's Bath Showering Toy turns every bath time into an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

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