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HydroWiper Motorcycle Helmet Wiper

HydroWiper Motorcycle Helmet Wiper

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Enjoy a Thrilling Bike Ride With a Clear Helmet Visor!


Prioritize your safety when traveling/racing on open highways and poor road conditions. Heavy storms, rains, or a pitch-black, gloomy environment can impair one's vision and make the roadways slick. 

Keep your helmet visor clear. Grab our Wiper to experience a safer, more comfortable, and more adventurous ride, you won't have to worry about persistent raindrops obstructing your view.


The rain sensor detects raindrops, and the wiper begins to operate automatically. It can also autonomously alter its speed in response to rainfall intensity. It's a perfect riding buddy during inclement weather.

Our innovative, automatic helmet wiper lets you go along more speedily without taking unnecessary rests.

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