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CalmCapsule- 3D Moving Sand Scape Art

CalmCapsule- 3D Moving Sand Scape Art

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Bring a calming presence to your office with this desk sculpture that forms natural landscapes with sand

Deep Sea Sand Art - GIF

Lose yourself in the eternal presence

Deep Sea Sand Art - GIF

CalmCapsule brings peace and joy within its presence! By moving sand slowly it creates a dynamic interchanging scene, resembling a landscape far away from your office!

The view never gets dull, when you want a chance just flip the circle to begin the process all over again. In a few hours, the view will be totally different from the last!

Timeless and tranquil CalmCapsule can take your mind off the mundane and take you away into a far better place! Enrich your office with an art piece you’ll always enjoy watching!

Why CalmCapsule is for you

Calm your senses- Let time sweep away all your troubles, lose yourself in the magnificent scenes the falling sand creates with each passing minute!

Endless horizons- When your sculpture is complete just flip the circle and watch a whole new dynamic landscape being created in front of your eyes!

Enrich your atmosphere- Come closer to the distant corners of the world while relaxing at home with a timeless piece of excellence!

CalmCapsule is the ultimate choice- You don’t have to choose how your decor should look, leave it to CalmCapsule to pick the best view for your surroundings!

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