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Adult Pocket Toilet

Adult Pocket Toilet

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Traveling is always exciting, but holding your pee during a long road trip is ultimate desperation…Order Our Road Trip Pocket Toilet and stop torturing yourself now!

This urinal bottle is an ideal compact emergency toilet designed for road trips, camping, hiking, traveling, traffic jam, or any inconvenient occasion. 

Expandable up to 12-inch long when necessary to provide a capacity of 750ml. Discreet and easy to store after folding up.

Keep your car clean, fresh & stain-free 24/7 - Features a hermetically sealed flip-top lid that perfectly prevents leaks, spills, and odor.

Men's Pocket Toilet

Get relief on the go with Pocket Toilet in the case of an emergency!

Men's Pocket Toilet

An ideal compact emergency toilet designed for road trips, camping, hiking, traveling, traffic jam, or any inconvenient occasion

Collapsible Design

Expandable up to 12-inch long when necessary to provide a capacity of 750ml. Can be discreetly placed in a bag or glovebox after folding up into a compact one.

Anti-leak & Odorless

Features a sealed flip-top lid that perfectly prevents leaks, spills, and odor.

High Flexibility

Can be bent easily in any direction to comfortably fit your body and also can be used with any posture– standing, lying or sitting – without spilling.

Easy to Clean

Rinse out our reusable urinal and it's ready for the next road trip!

Build Healthy Behaviour

Holding your pee for too long may lead to health problems such as bladder incontinence and not being able to fully empty your bladder. Save your bladder!

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