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18/35PCS Long Spiral Hair Perm Styling Curler Rollers

18/35PCS Long Spiral Hair Perm Styling Curler Rollers

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 No longer damage your hair with heat irons use our spiral curlers to curl your hair. Simply moisten your hair, put the curlers and walla!

Easy use: just choose a lock of hair, wrap it in the curler's spiral, and fix it with a C ring.

Fashionable: these spiral curlers can help you define your hairstyles according to your mood, different ways of using can create different effects, and will make you look more charming.

Premium quality: our curlers are made of plastic, do not damage the hair, are durable and suitable for all hair.

Safe and comfortable: without heat, simple and natural curling of the hair, the curler is very light on the head and does not damage the hair.

Universal: the size of each curler is approximately 15 cm in length and 6 mm in diameter, suitable for all types of short, long, fine, thick hair, etc.

        Contents of the order: A pack of 18 units, several colors, plus 18 C-shaped clips that keep hair in the curlers. You can use it with friends, family and clients. It takes about 70 curlers for one person. We recommend that you take 4 packs Long Spiral Hair Perm Styling Curler Rollers 18 curlers to be sure you have enough.

        Advise of use: before starting to put the curlers on your hair we advise you to brush your hair and to dampen it. Once you have placed the necessary amount of curlers on your hair wait at least 2 hours for the curls to last longer. You can leave them only 1 hour if you don't have time the result will be the same, but the curls will last less time. You can also keep them overnight to have curly hair for several days.

        • If you are not satisfied within 60 days, you can return it for free.

        • Fast refund>>100% Money Back Guarantee.

        • Shipping>>Worldwide Shipping Available.

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